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Sumaiya Khatun
Apr 10, 2022
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But it is not just a technological leap: changes in institutions, organizations and society in general are an equally important factor. The process Email List leads to a smart city is therefore multidisciplinary and involves various players in the supply chain: from technology Email List to institutions, from universities, to civil society. And with the aim of sharing and developing concrete actions for Smart Cities, the European Commission has launched the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform . It is a competence center, which is part of the European Email List Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) and which aims to bring together ideas, projects and studies at European level on the development of Smart Cities. The aim is not only to transfer the Email List that are being defined at EU level to the European “stakeholders”, but also to share the different experiences of the various countries, both at public and private level. This work platform is based on 3 pillars. A series of working groups, focused on the study of Email List specific sectors (energy, transport, waste and water management, strategic agenda and so on) A website that gathers a reference community A series of lectures and workshops The first conference will be Email List in Brussels on 4-5 June, with the official launch of the working groups. The Internet of Things finds application in various fields, not least that of private transport, thanks to the possibility of connecting different .
Sumaiya Khatun

Sumaiya Khatun

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